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KXF250 2015

  1. Renthal Dual Series Kevlar Grips

    Renthal Dual Series Kevlar Grips


    These Renthal grips feature our most advanced compound to date. Millions of randomly aligned Kevlar® brand resin particles are suspended in the base material. As the grip is used, more of these particles are exposed, resisting wear whilst retaining a tacky feel. This is our ultimate grip compound.

    Dual Series

    Renthal Dual Series combine the durability of our firm compound grips with the feel and absorption of our soft or Kevlar® compound. Maximum durability is achieved by using our firm compound for the inner sections of the grip whilst rider contact areas uses the soft or Kevlar® brand compound providing unbeatable comfort and control.

    Grips made with DuPont™ KEVLAR® brand resin KEVLAR® is a registered trademark of E.I du Pont de Nemours and Company

    Diamond/Waffle Soft Outer/Firm Inner


    Part Number : G165



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  2. Renthal Ultra Tacky Tapered Grips Black

    Renthal Ultra Tacky Tapered Grips Black


    Black on Black Dual Compound 1/2 Waffle Tapered. Renthal® Ultra-Tacky™ grips have been developed to increase traction between the glove and grip, increasing control and reducing rider fatigue. The unique Ultra-Tacky™ compound constantly produces and renews a sticky surface coating which when combined with the Renthal® Soft compound offers an incredibly grippy yet comfortable surface. Suitable for use in all conditions, the grip is particularly applicable where riders are looking for increased control of the handlebars. The sticky surface will last for the lifetime of the grip and if it loses its stickiness at any point, simply wash with clean water and allow the grips to air dry to re-activate.                                     

    Part Number : G197


    Ultra Tacky outer/Firm Inner



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  3. UFO Front Chain Guide Slipper KXF250/KXF450

    UFO Front Chain Guide Slipper KXF250/KXF450


    Ufo rear chain guide slipper.

    Colour : Black

    Fits KXF250 2009/2015

    KXF450 2009/2015

    PN 4709001



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  4. Apico Axle Tool

    Apico Axle Tool


    AXLE TOOL 5-IN-ONE 14,17,19,22,24 MM

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  5. Dual Density Grips

    Dual Density Grips




    Dual density, black/green racing handgrips. Ribbed soft gel outer provides extra comfort and grip. 22-25mm diameter, 115 mm length.

    PN 080HBC0006



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  6. Motion Pro 46 & 50 mm Fork Cap Wrench

    Motion Pro 46 & 50 mm Fork Cap Wrench


    Wrench for removing front fork cap

    46 mm one end and 50 mm on the other

    For KXF 250 2006-2016

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  7. Bolt KX/KXF Track Pack Hardware Kit

    Bolt KX/KXF Track Pack Hardware Kit


    With just enough of the right items to keep you riding, the KX Track Pack is perfect for your tool bag or trackside. We have done our homework and know the items that are most commonly lost or replaced on your Kawasaki dirt bike. If you lose it on the track or trail, you will find it in this kit. Our hardware is factory matched to your motorcycle. The KX Track Pack will fasten the subframe, seat, plastics, chain guides, exhaust pipe, break systems, triple clamps, and more. Includes factory style t-nuts, bolts, washers and nuts.

    Kawasaki KX & KXF model years 2003-current.

    We are dedicated to making the right fasteners for the off-road industry. Our hardware meets or exceeds OEM specs. 

    Proudly designed and assembled in the USA with components from the USA & Taiwan.
  8. Twin Air FIlter KXF250 2006- 2017/KXF450 Up To 2015

    Twin Air FIlter KXF250 2006- 2017/KXF450 Up To 2015


    Twin Air Filter.
    "Twin Air filters are slightly smaller than stock filters to increase air space around the filter and improve circulation. The resulting increase in air volume around the filter improves circulation within the airbox. More air means more power for your engine. Flow bench tests have proven that Twin Air filters provide increased airflow while reducing the filters tendency to clog.

    Coarse open-pore foam catches airborne dirt, grime and sand
    Fine open-pore inner foam acts as a second filter to trap the smallest particles while ensuring maximum air passage
    Exclusively formulated adhesive withstands repeated cleanings, even with harsh solvents or gasoline
    Thick, flat foam, greaseless sealing ring ensures maximum contact with your airbox, while acting as a breathable gasket for increased air passage
    Fused outer and inner elements prevent dirt and grime from being lodged between layers

    Kxf250 2006/2017 KXF450 2008/2015 air filter.

    Sku: 151119

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