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Versys 650 2016

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  1. Kawasaki Relay For Electrical Accessories

    Kawasaki Relay For Electrical Accessories


    Original Kawasaki Parts KIT ACCESSORY RELAY


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  2. Kawasaki Top Case Bracket

    Kawasaki Top Case Bracket


    Topcase bracket for 47l case.

    P/N 999940842.

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  3. Kawasaki Gear Position Indicator

    Kawasaki Gear Position Indicator


    Shows what gear the bike is currently in, through calculation using RPM and wheel speed

    Bike is pre-wired, so installation is virtually plug-and-play

    NOTE: This kit does not operate without the relay kit sold separately

    P/N 999940467.


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  4. Kawasaki Versys GPS Bracket

    Kawasaki Versys GPS Bracket


    Solid, easy to install bracket for your navigation system

    Fits all common current navigation systems

    P/N 017BRU0049

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  5. Kawasaki Versys 650 Frame Sliders

    Kawasaki Versys 650 Frame Sliders


    Sturdy side protection dampers, manufactured from heavy duty polymer and metal bracket

    This product helps to protect your motorcycle, but will not prevent all types of damage

    P/N 999940477


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  6. Kawasaki Windshield High Smoke

    Kawasaki Windshield High Smoke


    Scratch-resistant windscreen, designed to provide additional rider comfort, in smoke colour

    This screen is approximately 45 mm higher and 60 mm wider than standard

    Fully road legal

    PN 999940476


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  7. Kawasaki U Lock 270mm

    Kawasaki U Lock 270mm


    Developed to fit perfectly under the seat

    Made from hardened steel with special security locking mechanism

    SRA/FFMC/Thatcham approved

    Offers high resistance to attack

    Inner dimensions 10x27cm. 2.48kg

    Confirmed fit on:

    Versys 2007-2009 (LE650A../LE650A..)

    Versys 2010- (LE650C.., LE650D..)

    ER-6n 2009- (ER650C.., ER650D..)

    ER-6f 2009- (EX650C.., EX650D..)

    Ninja 300 2013- (EX300A..,EX300B..)


    PN 178LOS0003


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  8. Kawasaki Top Case 47L Faux Leather Backrest Pad

    Kawasaki Top Case 47L Faux Leather Backrest Pad


    For optimal riding comfort for pillion rider.

    Features a faux leather stitched cover with a quality feel.

    P/N 999940494

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  9. Kawasaki Versys 15/21 Tankpad

    Kawasaki Versys 15/21 Tankpad


    Top quality gel-resin self-adhesive tank protector featuring the Versys model logo.

    Tank pad is semi transperant so the original tank colour shows through.

    P/N 999940746.


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  10. Kawasaki HQ Indoor Bike Cover Large

    Kawasaki HQ Indoor Bike Cover Large


    Breathable 4 way stretch material with soft lining

    Offers protection from sun, dust and condensation

    Elasticated bases to keep cover in place

    Impotant : Do not allow cover to come into contact with hot exhausts , engine parts & sharp objects.

    PN 039PCU0014




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