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Versys 650 2016

  1. Kawasaki Top Case Bracket

    Kawasaki Top Case Bracket


    Topcase bracket for 47l case.

    P/N 999940842.

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  2. Kawasaki Gear Position Indicator

    Kawasaki Gear Position Indicator


    Shows what gear the bike is currently in, through calculation using RPM and wheel speed

    Bike is pre-wired, so installation is virtually plug-and-play

    NOTE: This kit does not operate without the relay kit sold separately

    P/N 999940467.


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  3. Kawasaki Versys 650 Frame Sliders

    Kawasaki Versys 650 Frame Sliders


    Sturdy side protection dampers, manufactured from heavy duty polymer and metal bracket

    This product helps to protect your motorcycle, but will not prevent all types of damage

    P/N 999940477


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  4. Kawasaki Tank Bag 13-22L

    Kawasaki Tank Bag 13-22L


    Strong nylon tank bag with side pockets and transparent top cover

    Expandable from 13 to 22 litre

    Tank base is fixed with straps

    Bag has zipper connection to tank base

    Waterproof zipper seams and reflective piping for better visibility

    Including waterproof inner bag, and carrying strap

    ( Non Kawasaki branded product, produced and developed by SW Motech )

    Volume: 13-22L

    Dimensions: 36x33x23cm

    P/N 093LUU0007

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  5. Kawasaki Versys 650 Hand Guard Brackets 2010-2021

    Kawasaki Versys 650 Hand Guard Brackets 2010-2021


    The handguards are equipped with an aluminum bar for the strongest protection available

    (Only for Versys 650 2010 model onwards)

    Please note this only the bracket and does not include the handguard shields

    PN 217HGS0007


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