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Vulcan S 2018

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  1. Kawasaki Relay For Accessories

    Kawasaki Relay For Accessories


    Relay kit for fitting 12 V electrical accessories

    Relay is needed only once if fitting multiple electrical accessories, kit includes mounting bracket 

    PN 999940510


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  2. Kawasaki Leather Saddlebag set Quick Release

    Kawasaki Leather Saddlebag set Quick Release


     Keep your personal items secure on the road with saddlebags that complement the overall look of your bike.
    This black leather saddlebag set has reinforcements to keep the shape in all riding conditions. Quick release system inside the bag allows bags to be removed from the support easily without tools.
    Durable water-resistant marine grade vinyl with genuine leather trim. An interior pocket keeps important papers and documents separate and protected.
    A magnetic clasp closure on the lid makes accessing your goods convenient.
    KQR™ mounting system allows for easy installation of KQR™ Saddlebags once installed.
    (Load 2.2kg per bag , Inner dimensions: H26 x L33 x D 13cm)
    (Requires KQR™ bracket kit and saddlebag supports (sold separately))
    Saddlebag kit consists of 3 components:
    1- Saddlebag set
    2- Saddlebag support brackets
    3- KQR bracket kit (side bars)

    (Please note that this Saddlebag Kit can only be combined with other KQR accessories, and cannot be fitted with the fixed Backrest)

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  3. Kawasaki Vulcan S Solo Rack Black

    Kawasaki Vulcan S Solo Rack Black


    Durable powder coated steel luggage rack that replaces the passenger seat

    Designed to enhance usability and styling

    Securely mount this luggage rack to your rear fender for extra cargo capacity

    Developed by Kawasaki to integrate with the clean, modern lines of your Vulcan S

    Length = 35cm, width = 20cm


    Important Notes: Not suitable for passenger seating

    PN 999940519B


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  4. Kawasaki DC Socket 12v Outlet

    Kawasaki DC Socket 12v Outlet


    12 Volt DC power socket with bracket and cap for tailor made fitment to the Vulcan S instrument panel

    Requires additional relay(PN 999940580)

    PN 999940541


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  5. Kawasaki Universal GPS Bracket

    Kawasaki Universal GPS Bracket


    The universal GPS package allows various installation options without using additional accessories

    Navigation system can be mounted in the bag, or directly to the system without bag

    Mounting on mirror or handlebar (22,28-25,4mm), or to other mounting points with ball M6 or M8 and rotatable RAM-Arm Splashproof naviagtion bag size M protects your GPS from the weather

    PN 017BRU0046


    Clamps with rubber insert adapters

    Ball M8 and adapter for ball M6

    Mirror thread GPS-Mount

    RAM Arm 8 cm

    Universal Mount,

    NAVi-Bag M 15 x 10 x 4 cm

    Mounting material

    Non Kawasaki branded product

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  6. Reduced Reach Seat Front

    Reduced Reach Seat Front


    Comfortable Easy Reach seat that brings the rider ± 50mm closer to the handlebar

    Additionally, the slimmer seat profile allows the rider to reach the ground better

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  7. Kawasaki Clutch Cover Plate

    Kawasaki Clutch Cover Plate


    Black clutch cover plate with aluminium coloured insert with Kawasaki logo


    PN 999940600


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  8. Kawasaki Longer Tie Rod For Adjusting Footrest

    Kawasaki Longer Tie Rod For Adjusting Footrest


    Tie rod, Longer, 230mm

    To mount left Vulcan S adjustable foot rest in the forward position Extended reach

    Tie rod, longer, 230mm, for adjustable footpeg LH

    PN 999940659


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  9. Kawasaki HQ Indoor Bike Cover Large

    Kawasaki HQ Indoor Bike Cover Large


    Breathable 4 way stretch material with soft lining

    Offers protection from sun, dust and condensation

    Elasticated bases to keep cover in place

    Impotant : Do not allow cover to come into contact with hot exhausts , engine parts & sharp objects.

    PN 039PCU0014




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  10. Kawasaki Vulcan S Medium Windshield Kit

    Kawasaki Vulcan S Medium Windshield Kit


     Windshield Medium (Quick Release) This 3 part Kawasaki Quick Release (KQR™) windshield kit with lock allows for easy installation or removal of windshield once installed. KQR™ Fork windshield bracket kit with durable chrome finish. This KQR™ windshield mounting system can be fitted to the front fork without removing fork legs.
    The windshield bracket with lock is a required component to mount KQR™ Windshields. Anthracite/Black finish. Windshield Medium (Height = 49cm, width = 38cm)
    Complete windshield kit consists of 3 components: 1-Fork bracket 2-Lockable windshield bracket 3-Windshield

    Part numbers required :

    999940633 Windshield medium

    999940546 KQR Fork bracket chrome

    999940526B KQR Bracket windshield with lock Antracite

    All parts required and supplied with this purchase

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