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Z125 2019

Z125 2019

  1. Kawasaki Bobbin Set With Protectors

    Kawasaki Bobbin Set With Protectors


    Bobbin Set with Protectors M10

    PN 012BOY0014


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  2. Kawasaki Pit Mat

    Kawasaki Pit Mat


    Whether you want to park your bike in a pitbox or in your garage, let your precious machine rest in style on this Kawasaki Pit Mat. The mat meets new FIM environmental codes and offers a high level of absorption and dust-control features. Size 100cm x 200cm, pile weight ± 300 gr/m², total height ± 5 mm, 30°C washable, no tumble-dry

    PN 201MAY0004



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  3. KawasakI Z125 Tank Pad

    KawasakI Z125 Tank Pad


    Gel resin tank pad in black with Kawasaki logo.

    PN 999941217




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  4. KawasakI Z125  Frame Slider Engine Guard

    KawasakI Z125 Frame Slider Engine Guard


    Stylish pads to give extra protection to the bodywork. Will fit to the bike without modificiations.

    PN 999941107




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  5. KawasakI Z125 Low Seat

    KawasakI Z125 Low Seat




    A stylish ERGO-FIT(tm) seat for the smaller rider. Will degrease hight by 25 mm from 815 mm to 790 mm. Replaces the original seat. 

    PN 999941285




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  6. Kawasaki Ninja/Z 125 Gear Position Indicator

    Kawasaki Ninja/Z 125 Gear Position Indicator




    Make your life easier with the gear position indicator for both the Z125 and Ninja 125. This gear indicator is pre-programmed, in cooperation with HealTech Electronics, for both 125's. We recommend to use the optional bracket for the Z125 for an ergonomic viewing position.

    - Pre-programmed; The gear indicator is pre-programmed for Z125 and Ninja 125. You don’t need to run the test procedure. So it is plug and play. This is the big advantage compared to the standard Glpro DS-series G2.
    - Automatic brightness control; The indicator has a light sensor which it uses to increase or decrease the brightness.
    - Touch sensor; There is a hidden touch sensor on top to access the menus.
    - IP68; 100% waterproof.
    - Flash memory; user settings will be stored even when the battery is disconnected.
    - Mounting materials; stickers, wiring and tie-rips included.

    PN 096LIT0034


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  7. Kawasaki Ninja/Z125 Seat Cover

    Kawasaki Ninja/Z125 Seat Cover


     Stylish seat cover to enhance the sporty appearance of the bike. Includes rubber pad. All factory standard colours available.
    Replaces the passenger seat.

    Candy plasma blue pn 999940403723

    Metallic spark black pn 999940403739

    Lime green 999940403777


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  8. Kawasaki Ninja/Z 125 Arrow Exhaust

    Kawasaki Ninja/Z 125 Arrow Exhaust



    Arrow matt black exhaust muffler for Z125 and Ninja 125. The slip-on exhaust is made of stainless steel with an carbon fiber end cap. With catalyst to adhere to the Euro 4 regulations. The exhaust is light and has a deep sporty sound. The exhaust is specifically designed and homologated (WVTA) by Kawasaki Motors Europe and Arrow Special Parts for Z125 and Ninja 125 and has ECE-type approval. Carbon fiber heat shield is included.

    PN 258EXP0091


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