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ZX10R 2020

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  1. Kawasaki Medium Outdoor Bike Cover

    Kawasaki Medium Outdoor Bike Cover


    This tough lightweight polyester outer cover shields against dirt, and weather

    With front and rear hole for lock and elastic lower band

    Adjustable belly strap to keep the cover attached in windy conditions

    PN 039PCU0009


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  2. Kawasaki Tyre Warmer Set Comp NMX

    Kawasaki Tyre Warmer Set Comp NMX


     Tire warmer sets similar to the ones used by the KRT superbike team. Tire warmers with carbon-fibre heating technology. This gives fast heating of tire and rim without local overheating and a constant temperature. The sides of the tire warmer reach far over the rim flange keep the heat inside.  This way the pressure of the tyre is stabilized.  A high precision thermostat ensures a target temperature of 80-85 °C.
    At an ambient temperature of 20 °C, it takes approx. 35 minutes to reach a tyre temperature of 80-85 °C and a rim temperature of approx. 40°C.
    The tire warmers are equipped with a red indicator LED to indicate the active heating mode. Sidewalls made of high quality heat-resistant ‘NOMEX for optimum reliability. A central velcro flap and elastics integrated at the side enable easy and fast assembly and disassembly. 
    Connection is 1.8 m power cable, with Euro plug.
    Suitable for front 120-17" and rear 195-200-17" tires.


    Part number 207TYR0003

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  3. Kawasaki Premium Outdoor Bike Cover Medium

    Kawasaki Premium Outdoor Bike Cover Medium




     The dual layer cover has a soft polycotton lining protecting against scratches.
    On the outside the cover consists of 200 Denier Polyester dyed with polyurethane coating. The flaps on the front make it breathable and there are holes- and a pouch for a chain lock. The bottom is elastic and has a belly strap which will hold it in place.
    The XL version includes a zippered expandable top case compartment.

    Size M:                      039PCU0016A

    Size M fits for example:
    Ninja 300, Ninja 400, ER-6N, ZX-6, Z800, Z900, Z1000, W800, Z1000SX (including panniers), ZX-10, H2 & H2R, Ninja H2 SX (without panniers), Z900RS 




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  4. Kawasaki Pit Mat

    Kawasaki Pit Mat


    Whether you want to park your bike in a pitbox or in your garage, let your precious machine rest in style on this Kawasaki Pit Mat. The mat meets new FIM environmental codes and offers a high level of absorption and dust-control features. Size 100cm x 200cm, pile weight ± 300 gr/m², total height ± 5 mm, 30°C washable, no tumble-dry

    PN 201MAY0004



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  5. Kawasaki ZX10R  Akrapovic EVO Racing Exhaust System

    Kawasaki ZX10R Akrapovic EVO Racing Exhaust System


    Evolution line complete system with titanium headers and carbon hexagonal muffler. This system provides a significant increase of both power and torque, across the whole RPM band, accompanied by great weight reduction as well.
    To prevent engine damage, it is strongly advised to use the racing ECU for fuel/air mixture adjustment.
    The optional carbon racing bracket set should be ordered separately if you wish to remove the factory footrests.                                                                    

                                            For race use only.

    PN 258EXR0072 Exhaust

    PN 258EXR0072BKT Optional bracket


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  6. Kawasaki ZX10R 2017/20 Front Axle Protector

    Kawasaki ZX10R 2017/20 Front Axle Protector


    These protective front axle sliders help to prevent damage to your front axle, front axle nut, fork bottoms, and brake callipers.

    PN 999940719



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  7. Kawasaki HQ Indoor Bike Cover Medium

    Kawasaki HQ Indoor Bike Cover Medium


    Breathable 4 way stretch material with soft lining

    Offers protection from sun, dust and condensation

    Elasticated bases to keep cover in place

    Impotant : Do not allow cover to come into contact with hot exhausts , engine parts & sharp objects.

    PN 039PCU0013





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  8. Kawasaki ZX10R Engine Guards

    Kawasaki ZX10R Engine Guards


    Bolt-on side protection pads, manufactured from high density material with metal bracket

    The engine guards help to protect your motorcycle, but will not prevent all types of damage

    PN 999940210


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  9. Kawasaki ZX10R Akrapovic Carbon Exhaust

    Kawasaki ZX10R Akrapovic Carbon Exhaust


    Give your Kawasaki bike a more sporty look and sound with this Akrapovic slip-on system

    This lightweight system offers great performance and resembles the same exhaust used on the WSBK ZX-10R

    Non Kawasaki branded product, produced and developed by Akrapovic, fully road legal

    Akrapovic Exhaust Carbon SBK Replica

    PN 258EXP0081


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  10. Kawasaki Bobbin Set With Protectors

    Kawasaki Bobbin Set With Protectors


    Unpainted stainless steel bobbin with additional ring to protect the rear swingarm from scratches

    P/N 012BOY0013

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